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How to create scalable content?

In order to create incredible content you just need to follow a simple 4-step process:

Identify your target audience👥 Who are you going to create content for? What sort of topics they are into? What are their pain points?

Validate idea/topic 💡 Check if there is enough demand for content topics you`re thinking about. You can use different tools that can show which content performs the best, for example, BuzzSumo.

Do research 🔎 Gather information → talk to people, search the Internet, do surveys, etc.

Finally, produce content ✍️ It can be writing, it can be filming, it can be recording audio, or anything else.

This formula works great for many people, but the problem comes when you have to do this for multiple marketing channels.

Imagine if you run 5 channels and you post 5 times per week across them. You will have to follow this formula 25 times a week 🤯. This leads to people keeping only one or two channels of communication or not investing enough time in validating ideas and conducting research.

The following method will help you avoid affecting the quantity or quality of your content.

Instead of replicating the 4-step process for every single marketing channel, choose one long-form channel as a hub and do this entire process only once 👌.

Usually, the long-form hub is a blog. And once you have hub content ready you can pull out bits of it to repurpose across other channels.

One blog post could be turned into several posts with tips and quotes on Instagram, surveys on Facebook, a podcast episode for Spotify, a video or webinar for YouTube, or the whole article in an email.

Of course, it`s more challenging than just taking your long-form blog post and writing a press release about it on all social channels (by the way, such an idea is definitely a failure 😬).

So, that`s a method that you can use to do content marketing efficiently. Drop us a comment if you enjoyed it and what to find out more about it.

Now, if you`re wondering “How do I actually write quality content?”, well, check out our blog where you can find more about it.


We hope you found something useful here. Don’t forget to share it with your friends, who may like it as well.

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