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Quality Content 101

Improving the website's position in search engine listings depends on many factors. Content is one of them, and today we want to pay particular attention to it.

This summer, Google launched Broad Core, an algorithm for ranking your website in search results. The corporation claims a core component of this update focuses specifically on content quality and SEO optimization.

At Vertigo we are passionate about content and know that it`s a king. We've put together a list of major requirements for the content to help you enhance your blogs and posts.

Without keywords, content marketing is impossible. Keyword-rich text is needed for all major sections of the site. But prior to filling the site with content, you should compile a semantic kernel and write a list of LSI keywords and essential phrases

Content can’t be effective if it is not organized. The goal of content organization is to make the information seeker's activity more successful. Structure information in bullet lists, numbered lists, labeled lists, nested lists, headings, etc.

Content is king, but the quality is queen. Neither users nor search robots will be attracted to text written just for the record, with unreadable syllables, and useless and clichéd phrases. It is vital to monitor the authenticity of the content and try to achieve a rate of at least 90%.

Put E-A-T Principles in the upper corner of your content. E-A-T is deciphered as expertise, authority, and trust. Credible content is crucial since subscribers base their choices on a media company's reputation. Be assured that the content is reliable: include research, statistics, and show-cases; cite the original source of information, use only established sources and subject experts; proofread grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

We covered the most crucial requirements of the content which will make it easier for search engines to comprehend what is on the page and which queries it should be displayed for.

Creating outstanding content is hard. But it`s a lot easier if you have a reliable content marketing partner at your side.

Vertigo creates the most engaging content that can improve your business visibility and organically grow your online presence. Visit our website to learn how your business can benefit from cooperation with us.


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