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Content Marketing Manager vs. Agency: Who's Your B2B Startup's Content MVP?

A content marketing manager compared to a content marketing agency
Hire a content marketing manager vs hiring a content marketing agency

Alright, hands up if you've ever launched a B2B startup and felt like you're shouting into the void.  You've got this incredible product or service, a team you'd run through a brick wall for, and a vision for disrupting the industry.  

But guess what? No one seems to be listening.

That's where content marketing comes in. It's your secret weapon for attracting new customers, building brand awareness, and ultimately, driving sales – all without needing a marketing budget that would make Elon Musk blush.

Now, the question is: Do you build your content marketing army in-house with a Content Marketing Manager (CMM) or outsource to a crack team of content ninjas at a Content Marketing Agency?

We at Vertigo Agency (because yes, we're totally biased ;)) have helped countless B2B startups navigate this exact dilemma. So, let's break down both options and see which one best suits your growth stage.

The Solo Star: The Content Marketing Manager

Imagine a content creation machine – that's your potential Content Marketing Manager (CMM). They'll craft blog posts, manage social media, whip up dazzling infographics, and maybe even dabble in SEO.


  • Cost-effective (potentially): Salaries can be lower compared to agencies.

  • In-house expertise: You have a dedicated content champion who gets to know your brand inside out.


  • Limited bandwidth: Can one person truly handle the ever-expanding world of content marketing?

  • Skillset limitations:  Finding a unicorn with expertise in writing, SEO, social media, and design can be tough.

  • Market awareness:  Keeping up with industry trends and competitor strategies can be a challenge.

The Dream Team: The B2B Content Marketing Agency

Think of an A-Team of content ninjas, each with specialized skills ready to tackle your B2B startup's marketing goals. A good agency will have writers, SEO specialists, social media gurus, and design wizards working together to create a content marketing juggernaut.


  • Expertise buffet: Access a wider range of skills and experience.

  • Market Mavens: Agencies stay on top of industry trends and competitor analysis.

  • Scalability:  They can adapt to your growing content needs.


  • Cost: Agency fees can be higher than a single salary.

  • Less control:  You might not have the same level of day-to-day control over content creation.

So, who wins the content marketing battle royale?

The truth is, it depends on your B2B startup's stage.

Early Stage Startups (Think Seed Funding):

Bootstrapping? A CMM might be a good starting point. But remember, their capacity is limited. As you grow, consider outsourcing specific content needs or transitioning to an agency.

Growth Stage Startups (Series A and Beyond):

Scaling fast? An agency is your best bet. They'll provide the expertise and firepower you need to dominate the content marketing game.

Here's a handy table to help you decide:


Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Agency


Potentially lower upfront cost

Higher upfront cost


Limited to one person's skills

Broader range of expertise


Limited scalability

Highly scalable


More direct control over content

Less day-to-day control

Whether you choose a CMM or an agency, remember: Content is king (or queen)!  

Invest in high-quality content that attracts, engages, and converts your target audience.

Ready to unlock the power of content marketing for your B2B startup? Our content strategists at Vertigo Agency are here to help!

Schedule a free consultation today and let's chat about creating a content marketing plan that fuels your business growth.

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